Humble Brand

Dolan Auto Group has donated $80,000 to schools in the Washoe County School District by way of Facebook. A commercial was launched in March of 2011, calling all locals to go on Dolan Auto Group’s Facebook page and vote for their favorite school project. 20 classrooms were awarded $2,500 and 3 schools were rewarded $10,000. Word spread like wildfire amongst the community, and the race was on. The Dolan family didn’t have a say in which schools received the generous donations; it was strictly the fans that voted. Over 20,000 people from all across the country participated by visiting Dolan’s Facebook page, and each of the winners received a check personally delivered by Tom or Ryan Dolan. If you ask me, this is social media at its best.

Tom Dolan moved to Reno from Redlands, Calif. in 1969 with his brother Mike to attend the University of Nevada. During his…

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I serve as VP of Marketing for a high-growth financial technology company, Bristlecone Holdings. Sounds fancy. It's not. It's a lot of hard-work with a group of brilliant and innovative problem-solvers.

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