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Here is, once again, another great example of how businesses and organizations are utilizing social media for the greater good. Nevada Humane Society has engaging content on their Facebook page attracting the northern Nevada community to become new parents to any of their animals. With almost 5,000 Facebook fans, Nevada Humane Society advertises different events, features, and fundraisers that are happening at the shelter.

Before 1932, the homeless animals of northern Nevada were kept in a large pen “out in the country” where the standard for their care wasn’t very high. Enid Johnson and Genevra Kempton founded Nevada Humane Society in 1932, as a way to properly care for the stray and surrendered pets of our community. In 2007, Bonney Brown (Executive Director) and her team helped turn Nevada Humane Society into a no-kill shelter and one of the safest places in the country for animals. Here are some stats:…

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  1. Okay, so I am Kyle, and I am currently on active duty military. I would like to say that nothing makes you miss home more than being away. Well I’m from Reno, and Reno is a LOT better than a lot of people give claim to it as. Like any person born and raised there, I did bag on it, but now look back and realize hell, Reno is safe from a lot of the natural disasters that would tear through continuously. There’s not going to be a hurricane, tsunami, or tornado. It rains, big deal, we know how to swim, and the flood from the Truckee river did do some damages, but look, we’ve bounced back. We got the Sparks marina from a flood, and since then its done good. Sure there’s snow, but our airport is better equipped than others around the nation! I can tell you this, we are an experimentation city for businesses, and can help the country out a lot. Given that we do have a high homeless population, and that there’s places going there that I never heard of, its helping them out. Five Guys is new, and its helping just that much more people!
    Aside from that, I love Reno. Like, where can you go in the states, aside from Nevada, that has 24/7 stores all over the place? The casinos are 24/7, the bars are open pretty much all night, alcohol is sold 24/7 as well! Even in grocery stores! South Carolina put a limit to when they can sell it, and what stores have it. NOT IN RENO! :) There’s alcohol in the corner store, the wally world, casinos, and other places. I know our schooling isn’t the best, but you know, they’re working on it! I can tell you this, Nevada also has the best damn roads in the country! You’ll see the obviousness when crossing over to California. We have an amazing location, being just 30 minutes away from both the capitol, and Lake Tahoe. Our city is producing some amazing people from athletes(Ryan Bader, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Carr), to writers (Mark Twain), to warriors of the American military, to even a tv show that really didn’t do much for Reno (Reno 911). But Reno 911 did spread knowledge to a lot of people and showed some of the good things of Reno for some people. Now if some people want fun, get a gun and go shooting, 4-wheeling/mudding, dirtbiking, paintballing, or whatever in the hills just behind Sun Valley. Then there’s the Reno A’s, and Bighorns, and the new indoor football team that’s there. Hell, we even have the largest outdoor rock climbing wall, the Reno Academy of Combat, RENO RODEO, Hot August Nights, Rib cookoff, Reno Air Races, the truckee river, Concrete/cement canoe races, and the city gets behind the college (UNR) for whatever sporting event! The GSR did turn blue for them when they went to the Rose Bowl in 2011 (I think it was when UNR went 11-1), the Reno arch turned blue, and so did the rest of downtown. I think even one casino purchased out the front page of the newspapers to show support! I do know that “The biggest little city in the world!” has lost a lot of meaning, but its coming back! I see more big name bands of music going there each year, and soon enough the big league sports will be back! (After the 1920’s boxing match that was supposed to happen). Oh, we are also the place with a drive-thru marriage! Plus, the state did allow divorces in the 60s for a major change in the nation!
    As for side explanation… I miss Hot August Nights, and I know that so many classic vehicles come there, and it truly shows the American auto industry along with a lot of enthusiasm with the candy the vehicle’s occupants throw, the guy on the piano on the trailer, and just a broad variety of what people like. I can’t imagine any other place hosting it because there are great roads in Reno for the cruise, neon lights for the perfect picture, and it brings back the heyday of it all! So if any recommendation, I advise to visit the city whenever there is an event going on! It brings out more liveliness with people actually out and about during daylight, and it has just that much more quality.
    Personally I believe that Reno can have its heyday again and be back on the map for something awesome to come! Possibly become bigger than Vegas….

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