Western Nevada Supply: An Attitude of Gratitude

If you’re from Nevada there’s a slim chance that you’ve never encountered Western Nevada Supply. At a minimum you’ve seen one of their baby-blue job trailers around, I know you have. Funny as it is, with all the materials I purchased from them over the past 15 years, I’ve never known a single bit of the story, until now.

On Wednesday April 25th, I had the opportunity to meet with Rick, the CEO and son of the founder of Western Nevada Supply. My first impression about Rick was that he was quick, all about business, and ready to get to the point. Literally within one minute I saw that there was much more to the picture. A family friend who has apparently been battling cancer, stopped in to say hello, and it was obvious that Rick has his priorities right; he apologized and immediately stepped to the door to greet the family friend.

Once we got a chance to chat, it was pretty clear that Rick believes strongly that businesses have an obligation to give back to the community; that community that is the customer-base for your business. Rick told me that business is not just about Western Nevada, “the #1 thing is you have to know your customers and be involved with them.” Rick and the Reviglio family believe in a three-legged approach to success:

“Sure you have to execute, every business has to execute; to have the right stuff that customers want, at the right price and have it arrive at the right time, but that’s just one leg.”

According to Rick, the other two points to Western Nevada’s success are (2) heavy community involvement and (3) involvement in the political process. “Reno is a place where people get behind businesses that support the community,” said Rick. When there is a tie between two businesses, people support the one who makes the community a better place.

During the recession of the past four years, Western Nevada has been hit as hard as any. Rick said that it was “one of the hardest things to do, laying off team-members.” People throughout the community have been asking him, “How can you continue to give to the community when you have to lay off people?” His response is that he and the Western Nevada family believe it is a must, you have “got to give back to the community.” Rick says that giving back is so fundamental to Western Nevada that it is built in and even considered a part of the overhead of doing business.

The sense of community and family permeates Western Nevada; if you’ve ever visited their campus off South Rock, you know this. From a management perspective the Reviglio’s have built a business that is “not the Ivory Tower approach,” but “In the Trenches Management.” I could see sitting and talking with Mr. Reviglio that everyone was doing business here on the level. Rick says, “See, we are open and straight forward. Our sales manager of 30-years works right down here on the floor with everyone else. The department managers are right in the middle of everything that is going on…

My office is not upstairs down the ivory hallway,
I am right here in the middle of it all.

In my short visit to 950 South Rock Boulevard it was clear that the team members at Western Nevada Supply they love where they live and appreciate everything they have in life and business.

To learn more about Western Nevada Supply visit goblueteam.com, connect with them on Facebook.

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