About The Movement

As Abbi Whittaker so craftily put it,

Reno is rocking and it’s rad, and there is a reason we all live here.

Well put Abbi.

Firstly, this is not about us, this is about the community, about Reno. Secondly we are not affiliated with any economic development group, party, or organization… We are simply people that call Reno home, and for one reason or another, and not to be cliché, we love this place:

Thing #1: Open Spaces, Uncrowded Spaces, and Bright Sunny Skies.

[Pictures of open Spaces in Reno & Lake Tahoe]

Thing #2: Freedom.

[Picture of events such as Burning Man, Hot August Nights, Balloon Races]

Thing #3: Proximity to the lifestyle of your dreams.

[Skiing, Lake, Hiking, Moto, etc,]

Business are made, People are made, and what you forget is that real life awesomeness happens in Reno.

The Local Bootstrap Calling

We the people of Reno know that we live in Reno for a number of glorious reasons. We know that Reno’s perception around the globe is not the truth we know it as. No one is going to pull Reno up, we know that. We are left to our own devices, our own grass-roots means. We have to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. “Made in Reno” is the place for Reno made businesses, entrepreneurs, and all-around real people to tell their stories, to share what is happening with real people and real businesses Made in and successful because of Reno.

We started this, but we are not the authors, your are. We want to know and share what good things are happening in Reno.

This has to be a transparent, everyone involved effort from the ground up; its not about me, it about us and our town, its about sharing what we have to offer. This blog is your blog and if you have a story to share, I would love for you to post it on here.

We welcome your thoughts :)

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